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  • What does JP stand for?
    Rob hs a handful of answers to that question... a lot of them will be provided in our stock artwork designs. There is no right answer, JP is the brand because there are so many fantastic variations, just like there are so many ways to hit a bad golf shot. Just embrace it
  • How long will my order take?
    That depends on what you ordered. Stock design products will be shipped out the same or next day. If you ordered something custom it will ship within a day or 2 of you final artwork approval. Don't worry, we are just as excited for you to get your products as you are, and will do everything possible to get orders shipped out as fast as possible!
  • What do I do if I received a defective order?
    We all hit a bad shot every once in a while, right? If you find there is an issue with your order please let us know! We'll make it right ASAP!
  • Do you do personalized names?
    For sure! Lets assume you want your golf team's logo on a handful of pieces, and then each one needs a player name. We got you, just select full custom during checkout and we'll confirm all the details while finalizing your art!
  • How does the "Bet The Field" design submission contest work?"
    Here's the deal... every month we encourage our subscribed friends ("The Field" to come up with sweet designs for any of our products. You can very literally draw something on a bar napkin or the back of a scorecard, use one of the templates we post on insta, or if you're tech saavy you can create a digital file. Email your design to and you're good to go. At the end of the month we'll pick our favorite submission(s) to become our "Bet The Field" stock design(s) for the next month. Whoever submitted the design will get their product sent to them for free along with a certificate of their greatest accomplishment since that time they almost made that long putt that they swear was like 100+ feet. Plus we'll list the design for sale the entire month and give the winning designer a discount code to share with their friends so they can further bask in the glory of their excellence!
  • How often are you going to add new stuff?
    Good question... probably a lot. We're always thinking of new cool things we can bring to the golf community under the JP brand. Fortunately for you, we're golfers too, and if we put our logo on something you best believe we're using/wearing/buying it ourselves.
  • Are Limited Edition Releases really gone forever once they sell out?
    Yes & (Maybe) No? For the most part our Limited Edition Releases will be individually numbered and once they're gone, they're gone. We aren't ruling out the possibility of bringing things back around here and there based on overwhelming popularity, but no promises!
  • How are your patches applied?
    We use patches with a permanent adhesive backing that fuses to a hat when pressed. Stock patch shapes like 2.5" circles and squares have a stitched border that is purely for looks. Custom cut patches are available with a fake stitched border or full bleed artwork.
  • Do you take special requests? Hell yea, brother!
    We show hats and golf tools in the shop, but we can customize or create just about anything you can think of. In year 1 the list of other things we've done includes: head covers, knives, tumblers/bottles, shirts, jackets, golf balls, poker chips, speakers, beanies, bag tags, coolers, trophies (and so on and so forth). Legit, if you have an idea Rob can probably make it happen, so fire away!
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